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Care Instructions

Use & Care of Cutting Boards           

       Cutting boards are made from real wood. Wood is a natural material that responds to changes in temperature and humidity. These changes set up tremendous internal forces in the board. Their shape and dimensions will change with the seasons. If warping or edge cracking appears it is related to uneven changes in temperature or humidity. Keep your board dry, away from heat and allow it to dry evenly. Regular oiling helps to prevent these problems because it keeps water from entering the board. Sometimes this finish will give the impression that the board is wet, but the top is ready to use.

      By following a few easy usage rules and maintenance steps, the life of a cutting board is almost unlimited:

 1.   Wash your board by hand only using anti-bacterial dish soap and warm water. Do not submerge the board! Add a small amount of bleach or vinegar to the water for extra bacteria killing power after chopping bacteria carrying foods such as raw chicken. You can also rub the board with a half a lemon to kill bacteria. The boards are not dishwasher safe. Thoroughly dry the board after washing. When possible allow the board to dry standing up on edge to help the board dry properly and prevent warping.

 2.   Periodically oil the board with mineral oil. Letting the board dry out because of a lack of oil is the #1 cause of problems with the board. You can't oil your board too much! Oiling will help keep that beautiful sheen.

3. Do not allow liquid to stand on the board for a long period of time, it will stain the board and cause the wood to expand, causing glue joint failure and warping.

4. Use a steel scrapper or sandpaper as needed to keep the top smooth and free of deep cuts and food buildup, then re-oil the top.

5. Work with different areas of the board to help it wear evenly. Both sides should be used if the design allows extending the life of your board. Do not use a razor-sharpened edge on your cleaver it will chip out the wood.

6. Do not expose tops to excessive heat, cold or moisture! Never put in microwave or dishwasher. Never place on stove burners.