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We've updated... well.... Everything!!


As I sit here uploading some of our newest products on a newly laid out website, I can't help but think about the last few years. We have grown so much, and yet we still have so much growing to do as a small business! 

This year, my brother and I went traveling back in time to our younger video game and cartoon watching days. Many of our new products are inspired by things we used to pass the time with - Super Mario Bros., Simpsons, and Pokemon to name a few. We also have come to realize that, while we have grown up according to time, we certainly still hold on to a sense of our childhoods even today with new movies from some major label companies that continue to get us excited as if we were kids again! The Minion line is definite proof of that! 

It's funny to think about things that get us excited. My wife, she gets excited by shoes and purses, coats and dresses - I'm not entirely sure what that's all about. But for me, I get excited about a new tool, a new saw, anything that lets me create even cooler, mind-bending products. I think the same goes for my brother! So when I purchased a new scroll saw, man did my world open up with possibilities! Our wavy boards, coasters and napkin holders are proof of the bending excitement I have been inspired with! 

We hope you find a product that you will come to love for years, or perhaps a gift that you know someone else will cherish as they use it daily! As always, we welcome suggestions and are open to special requests as well! 

Stay warm out there as the seasons change - for many this is a time to curl up with blankets by the fire - for us at Rob's Wood Creations, this is when our creative juices flow just like the maple syrup!